Bobsleigh track - Alpincoaster

The main attraction this summer season is of course the bobsleigh track from the company Wiegand. The bobsleigh track start is to the right of the upper chairlift station on Dedovke next to the storage garage for the bobsleigh bobs. The ticket desk and a small snack bar are also in this building.

Run parameters
Length 1300 m
Maximum speed 40 kph
Number of bends 15
Number of rondels 1
Number of jumps 12
Chairlift length 420 m

The run starts by the upper chairlift station on Dedovka by the chalet Koliba, then come several S-bends between the chairlift and ski slope no.2 so that it speeds through the incredible 360 degree rondel before disappearing into the forest between Grúnik and ski slope no. 2, where there are yet more fun S-bends and jumps take you to the ski slope on Grúnik from where you are taken back up the 400 m to the top by the chairlift.

The entire bobsleigh track is constructed with maximum safety first and foremost. You regulate the speed of the bob, even so the bob is designed to only reach a maximum speed of 40 kph and during the entire ride it cannot leave the track and you are secured in by a safety belt. The bobs are two-seaters enabling two adults to ride together. It is also in operation over the winter season.

Ten points of safety

  • Familiarise yourself with the equipment regulations!
  • Pay attention to personnel instructions!
  • Both hands on the brakes!
  • Do not stop on the track!
  • Watch the track in front of you!
  • Observe safety signals!
  • Lean into the corners!
  • Be careful of loose clothing and headwear!
  • Ride slower when the track is wet!
  • Slow down when approaching the station!


Bobsleigh track - Alpincoaster
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