Museum of Kysucke villages and logging back swatch railway

The outdoor ethnographic exhibition in the Kysucké Museum in Čadca is situated in Vychylovka in the Chmúra Valley near the village of Nová Bystrica, which itself is part of the Protected Landscape Area Kysuce.

Preparations for creating this exhibition were started shortly after the Kysucké Museum came into being and the first stone was laid on 11. 10. 1974. Priority was given to the rescue of the most valuable monuments to folk architecture from the villages of Riečnica and Harvelka which we destined to die beneath the waters of the reservoir in Nová Bystrica.

By 1981 when access was made to the first part of the exhibition 22 of a total 69 planned objects had been put in place in this outdoor museum. The ethnographic exhibition strives to reconstruct the residential feel and environment alongside a presentation of folk architecture and way of life as well as the customs of the people from Kysuce in the second half of the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries.
A greater part of the so far built exhibition come from the already non-existent village of Riečnica – log houses and farm buildings from the farmstead Rybovia, Do Potoka, which are a residential house with a stable, a barn with cellar, stable with sheep-pen, as well as a residential house with farm outbuilding – barn and sheep-pen belonging to the former Riečnica tithing man Adam Poništ.
Widely scattered settlements are represented by Hruškuliak which are two houses, barn, stable with feed chute.

Further objects are from the village of Oščadnica – a log house with an archivolt porch dating from 1806, an 8 roomed log pub from Korn, a log house for forestry workers from Dunajova and the Romanovia farmstead with two log houses and two farm buildings from Harvelka, as well as the Ragan mill also from Harvelka.

vychylovka Technical buildings are represented by a watermill and woodmill complete with a half-timbered building from the village of Klubina. From sacral buildings there is a brick-built shrine from Zborova nad Bystricou dating from the first quarter of the 19th century and a cemetery with metal crosses that were typical for Kysuce at the beginning of the 20th century.

The interiors of the objects have been furnished with original equipment. Part of the exhibition are also original buildings - huts - objects used during seasonal working by shepherds that were very often seen in the past. Strip farming fields by the houses present the three field farming system which was used in Kysuce.

vychylovka Seasonal activities in the ethnographic exhibition are annually from May to October when the museum offers visitors Sunday theme programs with displays of traditional manufacturing techniques and dramatical demonstrations from the areas of customary family, calendar and work traditions given by folk groups, ensembles and folk music from the Kysucé region.

The historical logging back swath railway (HLÚŽ) forms an organic part of the Museum of a Kysuce village in Nová Bystrica - Vychylovka. It is a preserved and functionally restored part of the former Kysuce - Orava forestry railway (KOLŽ) which was formed in 1926 and joined the forestry railway built between 1915 - 1918, on the Kysuce side – from Oščadnica to Chmúra (Nová Bystrica, district Vychylovka) and on the Orava side – from Lokca to Erdútka (modern day Oravská Lesna). The fusion of the two railways happened with the laying of the track section from Erdútka to Chmúra. After the fusion the total track length of KOLŽ was more than 110 km of which 61 km formed the main line, the remainder were sidings which were added, then stopped, lengthened or shortened per the needs to haul the timber out. The HLÚŽ logging back swath railway is one of two that have been preserved in Europe.

children up to 6: free of charge
children, senior citizens, students, handicapped: 0.83 Euro
adults: 1.66 Euros

Train departures from the Skanzen station:
:15, 10:00, 10:45, 11:30, 12:15 a.m., 01:00, 01:45, 02:30, 03:15, 04:00 and 04:30 p.m. – (this time only on Saturday and Sunday)]

Ticket cost:
children, senior citizens – 1.33 Euro adults 2.66 Euros

vychylovka Opening times:
Monday – Friday 09:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday 09:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

Nová Bystrica – Vychylovka
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Fax: +421 /0/ 41 4335 290


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