Za Dedovou

kaplnky The shrine, in a valley behind Dedova, was built in 1948. Connected with its creation is talk about a boy called Florián Tabačk from Radôstka who besides working for the Oščadnica farmer M. Trúchly was also known as a visionary. In reality the villagers longed for a shrine where they could meet and have prayer meetings. They built it at their own expense during their own time and with their own hands. They placed an altar inside where an unknown woman from Čadca donated a statue of the Virgin Mary. There is a bell from Višňový in the spire that cost 4,000 Sk. The bell was consecrated in 1948 by deacon Štefan Krautman on the condition that the boy shepherd Tabaček would be released from service. The farmer who the boy worked for had already released him for the reason that the boy no longer obeyed him. The shrine was consecrated in 1948 by the local padre Vojtech Štrbák.

U Svancari

kaplnkyThe chapel U Svancari writes ist history since 1961. Directly in the settlement Svancárovci the green trail (5541), about 200 meters from the access road to the village








U Haladeji

kaplnkyThe chapel U Haladeji was also built in 1961 and renovated in 1993. Access is possible from the Lalíkovci blue marked trail (2671). After about 800m turn left along the way into the village Haladejovci.








V Rovniach

kaplnky An old shrine in the village of Rovné built sometime between 1933-1936. At the end of the 60s there was a landslide and the shrine collapsed. It lay in ruins until 1982 when Terézia Haladejová, neé Krkošová, decided to have the shrine restored. It took her a lot of work and abnegation. The skilled work was lead by the brother of Ms. Haladejová, Ján Krkoš, the statues of the saints were made by craftsman Jozef Pazdera. The shrine was dedicated during the "Rovnianske hody", on 12 September 1982 by Jozef Pitek who was the custodian of the village parish.



kaplnky A small brick-built shrine with images in the village of Vreščovka was built by unknown persons at an undefined date.


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