The triangle between three countries

Tip for a day out: Trojmedzie – The triangle between three countries – Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia
Do you want to experience the unique feeling of being in three countries at the same time?

trojmedzie Then accept the invitation to Hrčava, Istebná and Čierne to the place where the borders of three countries meet – Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. In a deep combe of a stream – 8 m deep and 34 m wide – lies the trojmedzie point and is the central point of a circle described as the apex of an isosceles triangle. The apex of the triangle is created by a 240 cm high granite monolith. When it was positioned here on 22.6.1995 various commemorative items such as documents, newspapers of that time, coins were placed in metal containers and buried in the foundations.
In 2007, within the framework of cooperation of the Association of the villages of Jablunkovska, Istebna and Čierne the Polish and Slovak banks above the Trojmedzie point were joined by a wooden bridge and the depression on the Czech – Polish border by a smaller bridge. At the same time on the Slovak side a tourist shelter was built and two years later a covered seating area and camp fireplace were added on the Czech side. Access along the Czech – Polish border is by means of paved steps and a tarmac footpath allowing tourists on foot, by bike or even with pushchairs to get there with ease.

Our tip for a day out

We can highly recommend an original day out in three countries. It combines tasting Czech, Polish and Slovak beers, three currencies in your wallet and three languages all spoken with their own Goral dialects. A starting point for example is Hrčava: yellow hiking trail – walkway Trojmedzia CZ/PL – green trail to Jaworzynka - Jaworzynka - Kotelnice - walkway Jaworzynka (PL) / Čierne (SK) – use the blue trail via “Valy” to the village of Čierne (train stop, refreshments) and then use the green and then the yellow trails back to Hrčava - 10 km.

How to get to Trojmedzie

  • from the centre of Czech Hrčava it is 2 km on the yellow marked trail
  • from Polish Jaworzynka-Trzycatka 1 km on the green marked trail
  • from Slovak Čierne, from the train stop “Čierne, zastávka” take the blue marked trail and then along the repaired path.


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