Bystricko - Oravská

Trail no.: 005/c
Distance: 29 km
Total elevation gain: 540 / - m
Level of difficulty: RECREATIONAL
Map support: 101

Things to see: Slovak horologe in Stará Bystrica, Nová Bystrica Reservoir, Vychylovské rapids, historical logging back swath railway

Trail description: Krásno nad Kysucou (viaduct) - Zborov nad Bystricou - Klubina - Stará Bystrica - Nová Bystrica - Vychylovka - skanzen outdoor Museum of Kysuce Villages - Demänová (Oravská Lesná)

The trail begins under the viaduct on route # 11 in Krásne nad Kysucou. It runs along route # 520 and takes us upstream through the picturesque valley of the Bystrice River. A slight climb guides us to the outdoor skanzen Museum of Kysuce Villages. This part of Kysuce is also typical for its population areas built mainly along the roadsides. Opt for the route against the flow of the river towards Zborov nad Bystricou. Here in the centre of the village notice to the right of the road a quite modern church dating from 1970. Behind the village on the right of the road we can see the remains of the stone quarry used for the building of the Nová Bystrica Reservoir. Before the short climb we turn right on to an old road between some houses to the village of Klubina. Cross the main road at the end of the village and follow the old road to Stará Bystrica. In the centre of the village on the nice square our interest centres on the Slovak Horologe. Onwards, our route goes through the village until we reach the cross-roads with the village by-pass. Take a left here to Nová Bystrica. After roughly 4 km by the large arched bridge turn left to Vychylovka. If we go straight on here we reach the base of the drinking water reservoir dam. Climb some steps to the top of the dam from where there are views of the former villages of Harvelka and Riečnica which were flooded when the reservoir was created. It is strictly forbidden to swim in the waters of the reservoir because of its use as a source of drinking water! Let’s get on, after 3 km on the right of the river Vychylovka – are the Vychylovské rapids. Keep on, turn right over the river and climb the new road to Oravská Lesna. Continue on this road along the river and at the cross-roads we go right on to an older tarmac road parallel with the Red hiking path. This takes us to the Chmúra valley and nearly to the gates of the Museum of Kysuce Villages. After visiting the skanzen we can take a ride on the Historical logging back swath forest railway – a National Cultural Monument. After these visits we go right along the Red hiking path, over the bridge above skanzen and after a long 4 km climb we reach the Demänová saddleback. The road is interspersed with good and bad surfaced sections. From the saddleback, follow the signs and coast down right between houses until we reach the road to Oravská Lesna.

Brief characteristics

Trail runs along the entire length of the Bystricka valley to the Kysuce skanzen in Vychylovka from where it negotiates the ridge between Kysuce and Orava and coasts down to Oravská Lesna. The third part of the Kysuce main cycle path.


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