Trail no.: 2403
Distance: 26 km
Total elevation gain: 20 / 80 m
Level of difficulty: RECREATIONAL
Map support: 109, 110, 101

Things to see: Ethnographic exhibition in the Kysuce Museum in Krásna nad Kysucou, Vajcovka mineral water springs in Ochodnica, Rochovica, Budatínsky Castle

Trail description: Krásno nad Kysucou (viaduct) - Dunajov - Ochodnica - Kysucký Lieskovec - Povina - Kysucké Nové Mesto - Rudina - Rudinka - Vranie - Považský Chlmec - Budatínsky Castle (joins the Vážska main cycle path)

The blue marked trail starts beneath the viaduct on route # 11 in Krásno nad Kysucou. It is an easy trail suitable for all age groups with only a minimum total elevation gain, be careful though as a short section is on the main A road with heavy traffic. From the viaduct we head towards the centre of Krásno nad Kysucou on the old road. In the town we can take a look around the newly furnished Ethnographic exhibition in the Kysuce Museum showing a model of a mammoth. The cycle trail zigzags around the town, go the left of the church and after about 300 m after a short climb we turn right towards the railway station in the direction of the bridge over the Kysuce River. Continue on the old road along the railway tracks towards Dunajov. Here, by the houses we take a left to the new church and at the next cross-roads again left to the Kysuce River. Here we take a right on to a road in a bad state along the bank to Ochodnica (in the village go on a small trip to see the Vajcovke - mineral water springs). At the cross-roads by the bus-stop turn left, after the bridge at the cross-roads with the main road right and after about 200 m left to Kysucký Lieskovec. By the pub right towards Kysucké Nové Mesto, not left to Lodna. Beyond the village we once again join the route # 11 and go to the left on this road to Povina. In Povina immediately turn right over the bridge to Kysucké Nové Mesto. Go around the town to the right to the railway station. Move across and alongside the railway tracks and the bus station and at the first cross-roads turn left and after 300 m right and then straight on to Rudina. We can recommend a visit in Kysucké Nové Mesto to the only historical square in the whole of Kysuce. Back to our tour, after 4 km we get to Rudina, cross the railway tracks. Immediately after the railway station turn left and continue on to Rudinka alongside the tracks. To the right on the slope are the limestone rocks ŠPR Rochovica. In the village of Vranie there is a short but steep climb to the right. By the pub, turn left and after the bridge right to Žilina-Považského Chlmca, at the cross-roads turn left and after the bridge right to Budatínsky Castle where there is the so-called zero cycle meridian of the Žilina region.

Brief characteristics

Connecting trail between the Vážska main cycle path and the main Kysuce cycle path. Runs from Krásna nad Kysucou via Kysucké Nové Mesto and the valley of the Kysuce River.


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