Kysucko - česká

Trail no.: 005/d
Distance: 5 km/43 km
Total elevation gain: 280 / - m
Level of difficulty: RECREATIONAL
Map support: 109

Things to see: Klokočov-Kornica, Bíla – wooden church, hunting lodge

Trail description: Klokočov (centre) - Konečná (border crossing to Czech Rep.) (Bíla - Staré Hamry - Jamník - Ostravica - Frýdlant nad Ostravicí - Hukvaldy - Horný Sklenov)

The trail is run as the final section of the Czech Rep. D3 international path with its end joining the Kysuce main cycle path in Klokočov. The Slovak section is 5 km long. Leaving Klokočov the whole section until the border crossing at Konečná – Bíla goes uphill which means the opposite direction is a long downhill. To the right of the road we can see the spoil heaps from the former quarry Klokočov-Kornica with its specimens of spherical rifts of sandstone deposits. After crossing the border we continue on to Bíla. We pass by the Green hiking path as well as a turn-off to Bílý Kříž. At the cross-roads (Černá) turn right (left after 2 km from Bíla with its wooden church and hunting lodge, accommodation possible) to Staré Hamry and go on 2 km to the next cross-roads where we turn off the main route right to the Šance reservoir. We skirt the reservoir till Jamník. Continuing on the trail goes among trees and along a tarmac road quite badly damaged from log hauling to the Řečice River and the Blue hiking path. Here we turn left and continue along the Blue hiking path to the reservoir dam. From the dam we descend to Mazák and again on the Blue hiking path we descend to Ostravica. The trail continues through Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, along a class III road through Metylovice and Lhotka to Kozlovice. Keep on around the Hukvaldy Castle along an avenue of chestnut trees to the cross-roads to Horný Sklenov.

Brief characteristics

The trail connects the Kysuce main cycle path with the Czech Rep. using the road border crossing Konečná - Bíla and the D 3 international path in the Czech Rep.


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