Kysucko - Terchovská

Trail no.: 2405
Distance: 45 km
Total elevation gain: 400 / 505 m
Level of difficulty: SPORT
Map support: 110, 101

Things to see: Slovak horologe in Stará Bystrica, manor-house in Krasňany, manor-house in Gbeľany, manor-house in Radoľa

Trail description: Stará Bystrica (turn-off to Radôstka) - Radôstka - Lutiše - Kubíková - Belá - Stráža - Krasňany - Varín - Gbeľany - Nededza - Kotrčina Lúčka - Dolný Vadičov - Lopušné Pažite - Radoľa - Kysucké Nové Mesto (railway station)

Trail starts in front of the centre of Stará Bystrica (possibility to visit the Slovak horologe) at the turn-off to Radôstka. Head towards Radôstka, round the roundabout straight on to Radôstka, where we climb for 10 km against the current of the Radôstka River. Before entering Lutiše we enter the district of Žilina. The rewards for such a long climb are views from your bike seat. When negotiating the Green hiking path we go to the right of a cross between linden trees which also marks the end of the climb. After Kubíkova the steep descent eases off but we descend to past the cross-roads with route # 583 in Belá. Those that wish to go to Terchova should turn left (Vrátna dolina, Juraj Jánošík). We turn right along the stream Varínka and go through Belá, Stráža and Krasňany (500 m to the left is a manor-house – cannot be visited). We go around Varína (over the bridge there is a campsite next to the road to the left) to Gbeľany (to the right there is a manor-house – again, cannot be visited). Still on route # 583 we go on for 2 km to Nededza where we turn right off the main road to Kotrčina Lúčka. For those interested they can continue for 3 km towards Žilina to Tepličky nad Váhom. To Kotrčina Lúčka there is again a slight climb. After the pub turn left uphill to the church where we turn right on to a forest road. A small climb to a shrine (Red hiking path) from where we coast down a macadam road to Dolný Vadičov. From the seat there are beautiful views of the whole Ľadonhory ridge and Stien. In Dolný Vadičov turn left on to the road to Kysucké Nové Mesto. A small descent through Lopušné Pažite and Radoľa to Kysucké Nové Mesto and to the railway station. In Radoľa 150 m to the left of the road, right by the cross-roads with route # 11 there is a manor-house showing a display from the Kysuce Museum.

Brief characteristics

Trail connects lower Kysuce and the Bystricka valley via Belá and Varín – side trips to Terchova.


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