Na MTB do strediska Park Snow Oščadnica a ku kaštieľu v Oščadnici

Trail no.: 5443
Distance: 14,5 km
Total elevation gain: 452 / 577 m
Level of difficulty: SPORT to EXPERT
Map support: 101

Things to see: Park Snow - bobovka, views, manor-house in Oščadnica

Oščadnica, Vyšný koniec, ÚSS - Prední Moskaľovci - Zadní Moskaľovci - Príslop - Pod Hladkou - chaty na Rači - Úpratiská - Kalinový vrch - Hackov vrch - Oščadnica, manor-house

Trail starts in by the Social Services centre in Vyšný koniec on route # 19 (5407) and runs parallel with the Green hiking path up to the chalets on Rača from where we continue along the Blue hiking path to Píla. From the main road right along a hardpack road the road climbs alongside a stream. After a sharp left-hand bend the road keeps on climbing, first through Predních, then Zadních Moskaľovcov from where there are views down the valley. A field path goes up to a shrine on Príslop where there are seating possibilities. The trail goes round the top and from Pod Hladkou climbs along a hardpack road to the chalets on Rača. Here, make use of the attractions in the Park Snow resort. A forest road behind Bobovka takes the trail into the forest where the trail descends slightly along a rather wet road. The trail climbs twice – to Blažejovec and to Kalinový vrch – otherwise it is nearly all downhill. After Kalinový vrch the trail sharply descends to more open countryside (views) right up to the end of the trail by the manor-house in Oščadnica. To reach the trail by the chalets on Rača it is possible to use the chairlift from Dedovka.

Brief characteristics

Trail suitable for using the sports facilities in Oščadnica.


Bobsleigh track - Alpincoaster
Bungee trampoline
Kids' rope park
Cllimbing wall   

Mountain scooters 

Downhill bike ride
Karolšus - ride on rope  
Cableway Dedovka
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