Popod Veľký Polom

Trail no.: 2406
Distance: 12 km
Total elevation gain: 120 / 300 m
Level of difficulty: SPORT
Map support: 109

Things to see: rock spheres - Megoňky, Milošovské šance, Jablunkovské šance

Trail description: Raková (Korcháň) - Vyšné Megoňky - Milošová - Čadca-Podzávoz

The trail starts in Raková-Korcháň by the new church by the bus-stop. Before the pub take a right off the road between some houses and on the Red hiking path start to climb. After a short climb the Red hiking path takes a right but we go on and after a short while start to descend along a nice hardened road to Vyšné Megoňky. Following a short climb to the bus terminus we can turn off left (direction of the quarry) and after about 250 m we are by the rock spheres in Megoňky where we can take a look at the newly discovered remains of the Milošovské šance fortress. After taking a look around we return and coast down to the right along the tarmac road towards Milošová. At the cross-roads to the left is the turn-off to Milošová-Šance in the Czech Rep. (500 m) where we can view the main parts of the fortress called Jablunkovské šance. After crossing into the Czech Rep. we follow the R1 trail along the eastern slopes of the Beskydy around the forester’s hut Kyčera to the Skalka lodge by way of a hard surface road above Mosty u Jablunkova. Cross the Yellow hiking path, over the railway tracks, through Mestská Lomná around the nursing home to Jablunkov. From here we can continue along this route (no more description) for a total distance of 34 km. We however, continue straight on at the cross-roads leaving the reservoir in Milošová behind us and descend to Čadca –Podzávoz to the cycle trail cross-roads by the railway overpass.

Brief characteristics

The trail runs along forest tarmac roads through the beautiful surroundings of the Morava-Silesian Beskydy which also gives cyclists the chance to go into the Czech Rep. through the Milošová border crossing and continue on their way on the R1 regional path.


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