Vážsko - Hornokysucká

Trail no.: 005/a
Distance: 58 km
Total elevation gain: 850 / 730 m
Level of difficulty: SPORT
Map support: 109

Things to see: Korňanský oil well, Klokočovské Crags, memorial on Semetei, memorial room to the astronaut Cernan, pilgrimage town Živčáková

Trail description: Kotešová (cross-roads) - Veľký Rovný - Semeteš - Vysoká nad Kysucou - Nižný Kelčov - Horný Kelčov - Korňa - Turzovka - Klokočov - Hrubý Buk - Olešná - Staškov (railway station)

The trail starting point is the cross-roads in Kotešová by the artificial Vážsky canal on the Vážska main cycle route. To the right of the trail we can see a baroque manor-house from 1578. The trail takes us gently uphill on route # 541 through the Rovnianka valley to Veľký Rovný. In Veľký Rovný we can drop in and take a look around the Museum of Slovak Learned Trades and the village’s own museum. Keeping on the main road until we reach the part of the village called Ivor where we meet the Green hiking path. Keep parallel with the Yellow hiking path after the road goes steeply uphill. After turning off the Yellow hiking path to the left we have another 1.5 km to Semeteš which is the starting point for MTB/1Red trail. Take a well-earned break on this saddleback on the Javorníkov ridge and view the Kysuce valley – down to Turzovka. Carefully descend the steep way down past the memorial on Semeteš which is dedicated to the victims of WWII. After 1 km following a short climb to Grušpierovcov take a left on to the tarmac forest road. Another short climb and then follow the hill’s contours to the next cross-roads. Take a right and coast down route # 487 to Vysoká nad Kysucou where we turn left (if you turn right here and ride for 2 km you get to the local council offices where there is a memorial room to the astronaut Cernan). Back to our main ride though, after 2 km cross the bridge by the railway stop Nižný Kelčov take a right and climb through Horný Kelčov on the Red hiking path until we are above Zátoku. We ride past a gazebo on our right and coast down through the village. The final section of this road to Korne is on an unsurfaced forest road. If you wish to, from the centre of the village by the church ride steeply uphill past the cemetery to visit the pilgrimage town Živčáková. Our route takes us downhill along the entire Korňa road right to Turzovky-Predmiera. We go alongside the Yellow hiking path at the beginning, after 300 m to the right of the road is a unique European natural feature, the Korňanský oil well. At the cross-roads in Predmiere take a left on to route # 484 towards Klokočov. After roughly 5 km at the cross-roads, by the wandering spheres, we turn right and go through another cross-road after several kilometres to Staškov. A gentle climb to Hlavice and from here it’s downhill all the way via Hrubý Buk and Olešná to the railway station in Staškov. Roughly 1 km after the start of the descent from Hlavice at the cross-roads with the Blue hiking path, 100 m left of the road there are the Klokočovské Crags.

Brief characteristics

Trail runs from the Váh via the Javorníkov ridge to the Kysuce river valley via Kelčov, Korňa, Klokočov and Olešná to Staškov. This is the main part of the Kysuce main cycle path.


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