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TZT no. 0840
Čadca, stanica - Skalité, Serafínov
Length 20,8 km
Description: Čadca, TESCO - Bryndzárovci (2.2 km) - Javorské (6.0 km) - Beskydok (8.6 km) - Za Lieskovou (9.8 km) - Tri kopce (11.4 km) - Skalité, train station (14.0 km) - Poľana (17.6 km) - Skalité, Serafínov (20.8 km)
Starting by TESCO in Čadca we make our way around Kysuce towards Bukov. At the beginning of the village we start ascending to the right towards the village of Bryndzárovci. Then through a wood and on through Javorské and then we descend to the Beskydok saddleback. Once again we ascend to Liesková (nice views) where we join the Green route (5541). From Liesková we descend slightly to Tri kopce (green route turns left here). Go down the concrete panelled road to Skalité and the train station there. Cross the square and a sharp rise to Poľana that offers beautiful wide views. Before we reach the last hill take a right along the concrete panelled road and we reach the border crossing with Poland. Cross the bridge and climb a small hill, then the last decline to the train station Skalité, Serafínov.


TZT no. 2671
osada Kýčera - Oščadnica, Lalík
Length: 15,9 km
Description: village Kýčera - Oščadnica, station (2.8 km) - Oščadnica, woodmill (3.7 km) - Kalinový vrch (8.7 km) - Chaty na Rači, Koliba (12.4 km) - Chaty na Rači, cross-roads (12.5 km) - Pod Hladkou (13.0 km) - Lalíky, guest house ( 14.8 km) - Oščadnica, Lalík (15.9 km)
Leaving the village of Kýčera make our way to the railway stop Oščadnica. Carefully cross the railway tracks. Cross the bridge and walk up against the flow of the Kysuce. The trail takes us to the main Čadca-Žilina road. Continue on to Oščadnica. 150 m after going through the subway take a right on to a field track and climb through the meadows then through a forest until we reach Kalinový vrch. Here, if chosen, is a turn off to the centre of Oščadnica on the yellow trail. We continue up a slight rise to the chalet na Rači and bobovka. 100 m beyond the chalet take a left along a hard-surfaced road to the saddleback where we find a wooden trail direction signpost. Take the right towards the forest, go along its edge until we can follow the ski slope to the lower ski chairlift station Marguška. Follow the road to the lower chairlift station Lalíky and on to the bus-stop Oščadnica, Lalíky.


TZT no. 5542
Oščadnica, Vyšný koniec - Veľká Rača, vrchol
Length: 7,4 km
Description: Oščadnica, Vyšný koniec - Príslop (3.2 km) - Pod Hladkou (4.8 km) - Chaty na Rači, cross-roads (5.3 km) - Veľká Rača, peak (7.4 km)
From Oščadnica, Vyšného konca (bus-stop - Ústav) turn right off the road towards Lalíky and along a hard surfaced forest road climb to a left hand bend along a stream to the village of Moskali. The road takes us the shrine on Príslop. Continue left around a hill nearly bereft of trees. From the trail direction marker on Pod Hladkou we continue on a parallel path with the Blue hiking trail no. 2671 to the chata na Rači. Before we reach it, turn left and along the edge of the oak wood climb to the upper station on Marguška and a bit later na Lalíky. Around the cave - Skalné diery – using the stone path we reach the widest most open ridge of Veľká Rača and also its peak.

TZT no. 5544 Lodno - Veľká Rača, vrchol
Length: 15,9 km
Description: Lodno - Sedlo Korcháň (1.6 km) - Stará Bystrica (5.3 km) - Sedlo pod Senkovom (10.4 km) - Sedlo pod Orlom (14.0 km) - Veľká Rača, peak (15.9 km)
From the Veľká Rača ridge continue down right along the border with Poland and parallel with the Polish Red hiking path. Our Green path however, doesn’t exactly copy its path a goes on to Malá Rača from where it drops to the saddleback pod Orlom. Turn right to the forest and along a forest trail over Sedlo pod Senkovom until we reach Stará Bystrica. Here, on the square take time out to take a look at the Slovak Horologe. Leaving the square along the road towards Klubin. After about 1 km turn off left between the houses, across the bridge to the other bank. Climb to sedla Korcháň (Red hiking path 0886 b), from where we get to Lodna.

TZT no. 5541 Markov, bus (ČR) - Kykula
Length: 18,7 km
Description: Jablunkov - Markov, bus - Čierne, station (3.7 km) - Za Črchlou (5.9 km) - Stankovo (8.3 km) - Tri kopce (9.9 km) - Za Lieskovou (11.6 km) - Oščadnica, Švancárovci (13.8 km) - Moravské (16.8 km) - Kykula (18.7 km)
This trail starts in Jablunkova in the Czech Republic and gets onto Slovak territory in the village of Markov above the village of Čierne. Leave the bus-stop, cross the forest and over the field, over another field and reach the village of Čierne and then on to the railway station. Go around the council offices, straight on until a right turn off on a well-surfaced road up around the cemetery. Keep going up until the last house and then along a forest road sharply along a concrete panelled road to the village of Za Črchľou. On the cross-roads with the tarmac road turn left and climb to Črchľa. At the end of the climb to the left of the road is a new shrine. Descend and after about 300 m take a right up a concrete panelled road to Stankovo. On the ridge turn left and we get to Tri kopce where we turn right and parallel with Red hiking path (0840) we continue to Liesková (nice views) and to the road to the right down to the hiking cross-roads Za Lieskovou where we turn to the left (Red trail 0840 goes straight on). Descending takes us to the village of Švancárovci. After the village we once again climb through the cleared part of the damaged forest Starý košiar. The ridge takes us to the meadow saddleback of Moravské (Red trail 8540 to the village of Vreščovka), we go straight on and again climb to the top of Kykula on the border with Poland.


TZT no. 8540
Moravské - Vreščovské sedlo
Length: 3,3 km
Description: Moravské - Vreščovka (2.2 km) - Vreščovské sedlo (3.3 km)
From meadowy Moravské from the hiking signpost take a left (viewed if we come from Švancárovcov) up a slight climb. The forest here is nearly all gone due to attack from barkworm. Go down a slight incline over quite sodden ground to the village where we can get to the bus-stop by going between the houses. Continue on for about 100 m and take a right over the bridge on the new tarmac road. Follow the road up to Vreščovské sedlo on the border with Poland (the Red hiking path crosses the border).

TZT no. 8541
Oščadnica, Dedovka - Príslop (2,7 km)
Length: 2,7 km
From Dedovka, from the last bus-stop in the resort, the trail begins left behind the refreshment facility U Medveďa. Climb slightly up the road and after about 1 km take a sharp left to the village of Zadedová. Going between the houses we get to the end of the village, carry on to the shrine on Príslop where the trail ends (or keep on going on the Green trail 5542 to Veľká Rača or to Vyšný koniec).

TZT no. 8553
Oščadnica, Lalík - Kykula (3,5 km)
Length: 3,5 km
From the bus-stop Oščadnica, Laliky we go left up a climb to the hill above the road. At the beginning it is slight but then gets steeper until we are above the village and then a slight uphill across the meadow until we are above the village of Magura. Cross the forest road from Tichá dolina and climb uphill to the top of Kykula.

TZT no. 8573
Oščadnica, nám. - Kalinový vrch (2,5 km)
Length: 2,5 km
A new Yellow hiking trail opens up the possibility to return from the chalets on Veľká Rača along the ridge to the centre of Oščadnica as well as by road from Dedovka. From Kalinový vrch turn off right (as viewed from the chalets on Rača) from the Blue hiking trail (2671). The descent in the forest is at first quite steep. To the left of the road we can see the remains of trenches from WWII. The trail is undemanding. From openings in the terrain there are nice views of the village as well as the chalets on Veľká Rača. In the centre of the village we reach the square around the Hotel Rača.

TZT no. 8568
Skalité, Serafínov - Zwardoň, sedlo (0,9 km)
Length: 0,9 km
This trail offers a short connecting section between Red hiking trail (0840) from Čadca that ends in Skalité Serafínov and the Polish Red hiking trail that goes along the border between the two countries (it replaces the former blue trail from Serafínov via Vreščovské sedlo, Kykula, Veľká Rača, Zrubitá, sedlo Priehybok right up to Rycierova hora – in several places it goes quite deep into Poland but by better roads and traverses numerous hills).


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