Coming from: Ostrava, Zwardoň, Skalité, Čadca, Svrčinovec

Arriving at the resort:

After passing the tunnel continue for approx. 2.2 km take a right on to an older road, drive for 200m in the direction of Krásno n/ Kysucou then take a left under the viaduct. You should see notices and road signs everywhere.

Leaving the resort

After leaving the roundabout keep straight on and turn right on to the main E 75 and the tunnel in the direction of Čadca.
WARNING! It is forbidden to turn left towards Žilina.

Coming from: Žilina

Arriving at the resort

Turn right off the E 75 and follow the notices and road signs.

Leaving the resort:

When leaving take the left exit from the roundabout and continue under the viaduct, then take a left in the direction of Krásno n/ Kysucou. After approx. 1,200m at the flyover junction in Krásno merge on to the A road and head for Žilina. Once again follow road signs.

When travelling by car please acquaint yourself with the basic information about the road regulations for Slovakia – permitted speed limits, fuel prices, LPG stations, or other “minor” details that can assist your trip. Every driver will be pleased to know that parking in the Veľká Rača resort is free of charge. Do not forget that prior to using the motorways in Slovakia that you need to pay and display an motorway fee sticker!

WARNING! Since October 2008 there has been a new highways law in effect which among other things has changes to permitted maximum speeds and requires use of headlights all year round!


Odporúčané trasy:

Bratislava – Oščadnica
Trasa 1: 230 km, 2 hod. 28 min.  
Bratislava – Trnava – Považská Bystrica – Žilina – Oščadnica

Košice – Oščadnica
Trasa 1: 272 km, 3 hod. 54 min.   
Košice- Prešov - Poprad – Liptovský Mikuláš – Ružomberok – Žilina – Oščadnica

Dolný Kubín – Oščadnica
Trasa 1: 66 km, 1 hod. 22 min.  
Dolný Kubín - Párnica - Terchová – Stará Bystrica – Krásno nad Kysucou – Oščadnica

Banská Bystrica – Oščadnica
Trasa 1: 118 km, 1 hod. 56 min.  
Banská Bystrica – Turčianske Teplice - Martin – Žilina – Oščadnica

Ostrava – Oščadnica
Trasa 1: 90 km, 1 hod. 39 min.  
Ostrava – Frýdek Místek - Frýdlant – Klokočov – Turzovka – Oščadnica
Trasa 2: 87 km, 1 hod. 33 min.  
Ostrava – Frýdek Místek - Hnojník – Mosty u Jablunkova – Svrčinovec – Oščadnica

Brno – Oščadnica
Trasa 1: 202 km, 3 hod. 23 min.  
Brno – Vyškov – Vsetín – Makov – Oščadnica

Annual Monthly Weekly Daily
Do 3,5 t 50 € 14 € 7 € Not offered /it is necessary to purchase at least 1 week/
Motorway fees for 2011

More info on,

Speed limit: Built-up areas: 50 km/h
Outside built-up areas:   90 km/h
Motorway: 130 km/h
Permitted alcohol: 0,00 promile
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Bobsleigh track - Alpincoaster
Bungee trampoline
Kids' rope park
Cllimbing wall   

Mountain scooters 

Downhill bike ride
Karolšus - ride on rope  
Cableway Dedovka
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